Law under trial

So once again, we have a situation were the buck is stopped at a stonewall that cannot be breached! The only comfort now is that the hapless janta of the nation are in the company of honourable Judges themselves. Both are clueless and curious over what is more scandalous: the various scams that dog the day or the sham investigations into them! Hear the SC Judge’s lament: ‘…if a shoddy job is done at the lower rung, then we call upon the CBI, but if the CBI itself is seen to be doing a shoddy job and is being partial then what do we do?…’ Continue Reading

Students’ sad story

There is much hullabaloo over the SC judgement on the RTE Act. But two more suicides by city students this week show that the statutory right to the three Rs, that the judges, activists and rulers are so obsessed with, often goes against the larger right to life and livelihood of us students. The basic question arises if we should at all be put through this education wringer only to emerge in shreds. Continue Reading

Satanic Bourses

I forget the name of the company but I am sure it starts with an ‘A’ and used to appear somewhere at the top of the B-group listings in the share columns of newspapers. It was a computer firm that promised great things, though in 1999 the only thing it had on offer were its shares. Continue Reading