Chrompetites say no water for 80 days; official says all is well

More than 50 residents of Chrompet assembled today at 10.30 am in the Pallavaram Municipality Office to file a petition as Palar water has not been supplied to their locality for more than two months. Continue Reading

‘Titanic’ hero Leonardo DiCaprio worries about Chennai water crisis

‘Only rain can save Chennai from this situation.’ This is not what a hydrologist of the city is saying. This is from the Instagram post of Titanic hero, Leonardo DiCaprio. Continue Reading

Jeevitha, daughter of a tailor, clears NEET with aplomb

“There were a lot of times when I was not able to attend school as paying fees was a big problem. So, once I become a successful gynaecologist, I want to help people like me who struggle to get education,” said Jeevitha with a proud smile. Continue Reading

What makes residents of water-rich Nanmangalam thirst?

It would be funny if it weren’t so serious. The Nanmangalam lake and farmlands supply water to the rest of the city / suburbs, but the funny part – serious, if you like it – is that the people of Nanmangalam themselves are buying water from these tankers. Continue Reading

Farmcils is just what it is – a pencil that carries a farm in it

“We manufacture more than one lakh pencils by cutting one tree. Each and every pencil becomes a tree in future. So, I can assure that one tree is going to give more than thousands of trees in future,” says Ranjith with pride. Continue Reading

Chennaiite cycles across India, Bhutan to create awareness on polio

“Reaching Bhutan was not the actual success. Spreading awareness about polio attack to thousands of people, who belonged to different age groups, different culture, different parts of the country was my actual success,” says 28-year-old cyclist S Sathish Kumar, who travelled solo from Chennai to Bhutan in February, covering 3,232 km in 45 days. Continue Reading