Review: ‘Oththa Seruppu Size 7’ – Bold & brave

One man. Varied emotions. This sums up the murder mystery thriller ‘Oththa Seruppu’, which is written, produced, directed and enacted by R Parthiepan. A movie with just one character on screen with a runtime of two hours. Will it hold your attention? Will it be as engrossing as the maker promised? The answer is yes. A daringly different attempt that deserves kudos. Continue Reading

Review: ‘Kolanji’ – Game of colours

Amidst commercial masala movies, comes ‘Kolanji’ by Dhanam Saravanan. It is a movie set around a young boy in a village. Son of a rationalist in the village, he has plenty to encounter in his life. One act of his lands his parents in trouble. How he overcomes it forms the crux. Continue Reading