2019 general elections: Candidates hired corporate PR agencies

Moving away from traditional political public relations mechanism, many young candidates had opted for corporate PR agencies for the Lok Sabha elections in Tamilnadu. Continue Reading

Young candidates make max use of Net, campaign on social media

With social media emerging a big tool to reach out to the masses instantly, putting it to maximum use are new age politicians from Tamilnadu. Though they are actively involved in physical campaigning by canvassing for votes door-to-door, they are equally busy on social media, to attract the youth. Continue Reading

Despite EC, I-T checks, parties find ways to transport, distribute cash

Currency notes bundled inside gunny bags found by Income-Tax officials in a godown linked to a former minister, cash gold and other valuables being seized by flying squads of the Election Commission on a daily basis, ‘fuel coupons’ (which can be exchanged for petrol or diesel at oil outlets) given to party workers spotted by poll officers. Continue Reading

2019 elections: TN parties pit contestants based on their caste

Fielding Devar and Nadar contestants in south Tamilnadu, Gounders in the west, Vanniyars, Dalits and Naidus in the north is being followed as a strategy by major players and the upcoming Lok Sabha elections is no exception. Continue Reading

2019 Lok Sabha polls, by-election crucial for EPS, OPS and Stalin

For the first time, the State is witnessing a sort of mini-Assembly election, as 18 constituencies are facing by-poll along with the parliamentary elections mainly due to the disqualification of AIADMK MLAs who sided with T T V Dhinakaran. Continue Reading

2019 polls: Docs, engineers, MBAs, entrepreneurs are candidates in TN

While a popular adage says ‘politics is the last resort of scoundrels’, the candidates lists of the AIADMK, DMK, AMMK, PMK, DMDK, BJP and MNM for the Lok Sabha elections suggest it has also become the first resort of professionals. Continue Reading

2019 polls: Sons, daughters of top leaders figure in candidates lists of DMK, AIADMK

The DMK leads the pack in encouraging family interests, as at least six of its 20 contestants for the parliamentary elections are kin of its stalwarts. And, all three constituencies in Chennai have been given to these powerful progeny. Continue Reading

2019 general elections: For AIADMK and DMK, enemy’s friend is first enemy

The adage ‘Enemy’s enemy is a friend’ appears to be passé, at least in the Tamilnadu political arena. With Lok Sabha elections fast approaching, the two major players – AIADMK and DMK – have decided to follow a new strategy –  ‘Enemy’s friend is your first enemy’. Continue Reading

Pollachi case: How and why sex scandal snowballed into political row

Beyond doubt, the Pollachi case is the most shocking and shameful sex scandal of recent times. But, it snowballing into a political row all of a sudden, that too weeks after the accused were arrested, has a loaded agenda behind it, especially with the Lok Sabha elections around the corner, it is felt. Continue Reading

2019 general elections: AIADMK, DMK to woo voters with promises

In the absence of Karunanidhi and Jayalalithaa, their parties — the DMK and AIADMK — are gearing up to face their first major test in the form of Lok Sabha elections and are paying extra attention to manifestos. Continue Reading