Road trips made easy for Chennaiites

The Road Trips Co(RTC) is a group of passionate travellers including solo-trippers, families, motorcyclists and other individuals who come together for on-road experiences. The community which was first started in Mumbai is now present in over 18 cities making weekends and holidays, fun and exciting. Continue Reading

Review: ‘Asuran’ – Engaging & engrossing

Vetri Maaran is back with an another cult classic ‘Asuran’. Loosely based on ‘Vekkai’ written by Poomani, it is about cast violence between ‘Vaddakar’ portrayed by ‘Aadukalam’ Naren and lower caste farmer Sivasami (Dhanush) over owning of land. Continue Reading

Govt playground cries for attention

Government playground at 9th Avenue, Ashok Nagar is not maintained properly for more than 10 years and residents are tired of complaining to the Greater Chennai Corporation and local MLA. Continue Reading

Veteran Lalitha receives Best Librarian Award in Chennai

J Lalitha, a resident of Bharathidasan Colony, K K Nagar, received the Best Librarian Award during the 127th birth anniversary celebration of S R Ranganathan who is known as the Father of Library Science, 12 August. Continue Reading

Manual scavenging: ‘None wants to speak about it’

Chennai: After the Social Justice and Empowerment Ministry released data that said the number of deaths of sanitation workers while cleaning septic tanks and sewers have risen despite the ban on manual scavenging, it created an uproar by Tamil MPs… Continue Reading

Review: Shoplifters – It is sure to steal your hearts

Shoplifters is a movie about a family that thrives on shoplifting due to poverty and they took on a neighbourhood girl with them after they found that she was abused by her parents. The film also asks a serious question about what makes for a family. Continue Reading