Grappling with Gandhi

Gandhi’s son Harilal was a tor mented soul addicted to a most ungandhian lifestyle, to put in decent terms. The father of the nation was no great parent in his son’s scheme of things. If that be the decree of the biological offspring, how does the country judge its father, to whose political genes and genius, much of its character is attributed? Continue Reading

Discovery of Nehru

27 May, 1964 — Jawaharlal Nehru’s last day on earth happened to be my first. My father, TRR, a great admirer of ‘Panditji’ or an admirer of the ‘great’ Panditji, as he would prefer it, promptly named me after the just-dead PM. So, I was among the first to be born into an India minus Nehru, the earliest possible member of the post-Nehru generation. Continue Reading