Maoists, LTTE: NIA raids 23 places in southern States including Tamilnadu

Sleuths of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) today conducted raids in southern states in places linked to maoists and in connection with the seizure of arms and drugs from a Sri Lankan fishing boat off Vizhinjam in Kerala recently. Continue Reading

Hardcore Naxal gunned down by security forces in Chandigarh

A hardcore Naxal, carrying a cash reward of Rs 5 lakh on his head, was gunned down in an encounter with security forces in Sukma district of Chhattisgarh, police said today. The incident took place on Friday evening, the said. Continue Reading

An ode to vote

For me, NOTA is not an option howsoever ugly the credentials of the candidates. Yet, I welcome NOTA because it was introduced with the honourable motive of bringing a disillusioned voter to the booth. Continue Reading

Of split personalities

Conflict of interests has dogged politicians down the ages.

History and legend are rife with instances of kings, warriors, kshatriyas and sundry members of the political class scratching their heads at the crossroads of public good and private priorities; many have been celebrated and many demonised too, depending upon the path they pursued as also the perspective of posterity. Continue Reading

Unfair affairs

This was a scandal waiting to be unwrapped. That in IPL more sensational games were played off the field was obvious from the start. Transparency in deals, running to billions that were ultimately picked from the public’s pocket by exploiting a public fad, has always been elusive. It’s now official that BCCI insiders privy to critical info as well as rank outsiders who can’t tell a team captain from a cheer leader, all have their hands deep in the honey pot and little wonder media bees too are attracted no end. Continue Reading

Lethal Leftovers

In case you were hooked to the telly for the all important IPL or were feverishly following the fates of Shoaib-Sania, it is likely you would have missed a ‘minor’ incident. For that matter, you would not have paid attention even if you did see the ticker, for the Chennai team actually won that day and also things turned Advantage Sania, as Shoaib’s ex-wife settled with him, thanks to the unsolicited brokering by the media that was hell bent on consummating the marriage. Continue Reading

A deadly dead-end!

In the last few days, Minister Raja has made a momentous comeback into limelight and therefore merits mention in these columns. And by some inscrutable association of thought, the Maoists too keep rising to the mind whenever the minister does. Now what earthy connection do the trigger-happy Maoists have with the tele minister? Nothing! And that’s precisely the point and problem! Continue Reading

Red spells danger

My thick skull is nuclear-resistant. Somehow, stuff like plutonium, uranium, curium, neptunium etc fail to make even a dent on my cranium. I guess it is so for many of you readers also with all this high voltage nit-picking on the the nitty-gritties of Indo-US nuclear deal passing way above our heads. Continue Reading