Review: ‘Jumanji: The Next Level’ – Popcorn adventure

When Jumanji released in 1995, it set a mark for children’s fantasy adventure flick, revolving around a supernatural board game. It was the 90’s and board games were much loved. Two decades later, the film was revived yet again with Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and it turned the board game into a video game. After all, its the 2010’s. And now, the hilarious film returns with Jumanji: The Next Level.
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Actor Narain speaks to ‘NT’ about his action thriller ‘Kaithi’

Following the release of Kaithi trailer starring Karthi and Narain in lead roles, expectations among fans have triggered high. Thanks to the gripping and intense crime flick’s trailer, the movie is directed by Lokesh and produced by Dream Warrior Pictures. News Today spoke to Narain who shared about his role. Continue Reading

Food festival at Sigree Global Grill is a treat to gourmets

Every festival is incomplete without food as it defines our culture and community as a whole. Durga pooja is around the corner this week. The festival is widely observed by Bengalis and other western States of India. Continue Reading

To the one with a tribute: 25 years of ‘Friends’

On 22 September 1994, a miracle happened on TV when we saw Monica, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Ross, and Pheobe waltz into that tiny apartment in New York. 25 years later they still continue to be a part of our lives. I met ‘FRIENDS’ through an incredible ‘friend’ of mine at work. I was a new guy in office, new to journalism, and everything seemed scary. But I saw her watching ‘FRIENDS’ and in weeks, we ended up watching the series together while having our lunch, post edition hour. In a way, it marked the beginning of our friendship. Continue Reading

Review: ‘Rambo: Last Blood’ – Punches and gory

Maintaining bright runs for a franchise is too big a task. It calls for a screenplay that, for obvious reasons, should be better than the first, should have actors with strong character development and every other necessary ingredient like better music, action, twists, and turns, to make the flick right. But then there are movies which are just a repetition of the first film in a series. Such is the case for ‘Rambo’. Continue Reading

Author Neharika Gupta’s debut novel ‘Adulting’ gets glowing reviews

Ever since Neharika Gupta’s novel ‘Adulting’ hit the shelves, readers have greeted it with glowing reviews. Continue Reading

Review: ‘Saaho’ – Well begun, but half done

Whenever movies with heavy budget are made, expectations are high. Reportedly made with a budget of Rs 350 crores, ‘Saaho’ made our eyes pop out in delight with its stunts and action sequences when its trailer was released. However, it has fallen flat. Continue Reading

Educational psychologist in Chennai pens stories for children

Unlike other writers, Padmini’s journey to writing was a bit different. She preferred to gift her short poems and monologues to her friends and loved ones. Continue Reading

A compilation of books to read this Independence Day

Books always inspire us to take actions and lead our lives with a long lasting legacy. Tales of unsung heroes humble us and reminds us that icons can be found anywhere. To mark this Independence day, ‘News Today’ has complied list of books to read. They are selected based on history, cultural impact, military and our city. Continue Reading