Seven day Indonesian food festival ready to dazzle Chennaiites

The Raintree at St Mary’s Road in association with Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia, Mumbai supported by The Ministry of Tourism, Republic Of Indonesia launched a ‘Seven Day Indonesian Food Festival’ at Chap Chay on 4 April, to celebrate Indonesian cuisine Continue Reading

Chennai-based speakers group churns out professionals who can make you listen

Speaking of careers, did you know you could make a career out of speaking? Chennai-based author and speaker, Kiruba Shankar, worried by the fact that there aren’t any professional speaking groups in India, focusing on enhancing a speaking career, decided to take the initiative to set things right. Continue Reading

Spark your brain with the right mind ‘site’

As the saying goes, so many books, so little time, netizens are now close to say, so many sites, so little time. But fret not, as in this article, NewsToday brings out a list of sites to consider who share exciting contents that consume very little amount of your time. Continue Reading

Film review: Sagaa – Strong plot drives it forward

‘Sagaa’ is a crime thriller directed by Murugesh, bankrolled by Selly Cinemas. It features Saran, Prithvi, Kishore, Sree Ram and Pandi in lead roles. It is about a group of imprisoned youngsters who wish to break out from the jail and pursue their individual goals. Continue Reading

ACP in Chennai inspires youth to enter the force

Most of us have this assumption that every policeman is a tough guy, patrolling the streets with fierce eyes. But Assistant Commissioner of Police – Central Crime Branch, Selva Kumar, a resident of Vadapalani, evokes a different perspective. Continue Reading

Soothsayers in Chennai talk about their hard life

While passing through the Palani Andavar Street opposite the massive Murugan temple in Vadapalani, you’ll see several street hawkers going about their business, talking to customers, bargaining and selling items like garlands, snacks, clips, hair pins, combs, and many other items. But in the middle of all this chaos are the fortune-tellers who occupy the pavements along with parrots in cages or a deck of cards. Continue Reading

Bharatanatyam exponent Chitra Visweswaran talks about Margazhi

Chitra Visweswaran is a renowned Bharatanatyam exponent, famous for her highly successful Chidambaram Academy of Performing Arts. On 8 December, at the inauguration of the 24th fine arts festival of Mudhra, she was honoured with Mudhra’s Award of Excellence, earning another feather to her cap. Continue Reading

Trust in Chennai paints public walls across the city

Karam Korpom, with the help of their website Stop Abusing Public Spaces, identify abused public spaces, get them cleaned up by conservatory workers and then carry out wall art with the local community participation along with the help from their volunteers. Continue Reading