All eyes on tonight’s celestial extravaganza

A celestial extravaganza is in store today, as Jupiter and Saturn are all set to come together for what is known as the ‘The Great Conjunction’. Continue Reading

Annual solar eclipse witnessed in Tamilnadu

The annual solar eclipse today was witnessed by scores of people across Tamilnadu as it was visible in different parts of the State. Many temples in the state were closed in line with the rituals. Continue Reading

Efforts to contact Vikram lander failed: ISRO chief

ISRO Chairman K Sivan today said all efforts to reach Vikram lander have failed. Continue Reading

Vikram Lander: Last day tomorrow to establish contact

Things do not seem to be bright for establishing communication with ISRO’s lunar lander Vikram, as the south pole of the moon, where the landing attempt was made, will plunge into darkness for the next 14 days starting tomorrow. Continue Reading