Our masters’ voices… Or noises

Welcome to Bore News Channel and please do join us for the latest bulletin on what is on in the capital. For the benefit of those viewers who have missed the news for the past one week, well, do not worry, Continue Reading

Disturbing Echoes

‘I told you so’, says Karunanidhi. ‘There was never any doubt’, says Moopanar. Same team, same spirit, cries Karunanidhi. Amen, says the TMC leader. ‘Moopanar and I will discuss’ claims a relieved DMK chief. ‘Karunanidhi is the leader and so he alone will decide’, avers a subdued Moopanar. Continue Reading

All shell, no soul

A recent visitor to the TMC headquarters in Chennai informs me of the uneasy calm that prevails there. The atmosphere at the Sathyamurthy Bhavan is anything but euphoric,despite the party alliance with the DMK continuing. But I am sure that precisely is the reason for the sense of gloom that has gripped the TMC camp. Continue Reading