Better late than never

Ms Jayalalitha really did not have any choice. Her decision to snap links with their aide Sasikala Natarajan, though in the air for quite a few days now must have obviously been a painful one to take. By her own admission, even after the elections, Continue Reading

GKM, PC prove their point

For Tamil Maanila Congress leaders Mr G.K.Moopanar and Mr P. Chidambaram the victory for their front must taste doubly sweet. The over whelming mandate comes as a vindication or their stand vis-a-vis alliance with AIADMK which was the only bone of contention… Continue Reading

Mr Ramamurthy’s sadism

The TNCC president, Mr K. Ramamurthy is back at his old game of Jaya baiting. He had ridiculed the Chief Minister’s request to the Centre to include the Bill on reservations in the 9th Schedule of the Constitution forgetting that only a week back both the Prime Minister and Home Minister had given clear indications of the amendment being introduced in the current Parliament session itself Continue Reading

Mr Seshan humbled

The hunter is now being hunted. The self-annointed reformer of Indian politics Mr T.N. Seshan is on the run. In an effort to save his skin, the ‘all-powerful’ Chief Election Commissioner whose avowed purpose in life is to cleanse Indian politics is out in the open lobbying for support from the same political parties whom he claims to have cut to size. Continue Reading