The Inside Jobs

The election battlelines have been drawn no doubt. But it is a rather hazy line that hardly delineates or divides anything. Despite the bugle having been sounded, warring troops are still shuffling in and out of formations with the poll call only setting off skirmishes within several party ranks. The battlefield instead looks like a chaotic arena that you see in sci-fi movies wherein a voltage trip triggers a jarring clash of metals amidst jaded robots, ending in a jumble of twisted debris. Continue Reading

All about M

The forthcoming Parli polls took on the shades of a US style Presidential poll in popular thinking the moment Modi emerged as the BJP’s PM candidate. The party itself, despite a wide cadre and leader base, long-standing traditions of collective leadership and strong idelogical moorings, did not hesitate to pin its whole fate on that one chosen man. Continue Reading

Terror: The fatal error

A strange, sinister and self-defeating spectacle is now on show: ‘Let LeT be; first fix NaMo’, is the reigning credo of the rulers and a band of self-styled secular, liberal intelligentsia. To them, it does not seem to matter if terrorists thrive so long as Narendra Modi is kept in check. The benefit of doubt and bleeding hearts that the former evoke is matched only by the paranoia and partisan posturings of those against the latter. Continue Reading