Donald Trump acquitted of all impeachment charges

The United States Senate Wednesday acquitted President Donald Trump on two articles of impeachment — abuse of power and obstruction to Congress — giving him a major political and moral victory in an election year.
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Donald Trump becomes 3rd Prez in US history to be impeached

Donald Trump has become the third President in US history to be impeached as the House of Representatives formally charged him with abuse of power and obstructing the Congress, setting up a Senate trial next year that will decide whether he remains in office after three tumultuous years.
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Donald Trump writes to Pelosi, says stop impeachment

US President Donald Trump in a scathing letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sought to halt impeachment proceedings against him by the lower chamber of the Congress, which is all set to start the process with a debate today. Continue Reading

True ‘whistleblower’ is Trump: Aides

Top aides to Donald Trump sought Sunday to turn the tables on Democrats pushing for his impeachment, insisting the president was the true ‘”whistleblower” in urging Ukraine to investigate the son of rival Joe Biden for corruption. Trump’s Republican allies have closed ranks as he battles the deepest crisis of his presidency, flatly denying he abused his power and seeking to discredit the anonymous whistleblower who exposed the scandal. Continue Reading

Wall issue: US President Trump flounces out of meeting with Democrats

Talks between Donald Trump and the Democrats to end a partial government shutdown have collapsed after the President stormed out of the White House meeting as the Opposition leaders refused to allocate $ 5.7 billion funding for his controversial US-Mexico border wall. Continue Reading