Bashyam Arya stood against British might during freedom struggle

While we sing paeans on heroes who scripted history during India’s struggle for Independence, albeit a few times a year, how does it feel for those who were a part of the freedom fighters’ lives? Continue Reading

Chennaiite Suresh Kumar de-husks coconuts with hands & teeth

De-husking 10 coconuts with his teeth in four minutes, breaking another 50 with his hands, cracking a bar of ice with his head and lifting heavy weights with teeth after tying them to a cloth, are just some of Suresh’s everyday achievements. Continue Reading

Book ‘Varna Varnanam’ makes understanding Carnatic music easy

‘Varna Varnanam’ contains 20 Telugu, two Tamil, two Sanskrit, one Malayalam and one Kannada varnam. The lyrics are given in the root language, in English and in Sanskrit. A summary is given at the start of each composition, detailing the theme. Continue Reading