Septuagenarian classical dancer in Chennai aims high

There are many things that can come in the way of pursuing one’s passion time, money, age or societal stereotypes. But defying each one of these and emerging strong, is Ambujam Pillai (77). Continue Reading

Velacheri localities face frequent blackouts

With summer comes a host of problems, including power outages. Many parts of Chennai locality Velacheri, including Vijaya Nagar, Tansi Nagar, Taramani and Perungudi, are suffering from frequent electricity failures. Continue Reading

Velacheri resident with limited vision solves many problems in locality

‘If there is a will, there is a way’. This saying is true in the case of K Rajesh, who has been short sighted from childhood with just 40 per cent vision. But he never got bogged down by difficulties that life threw at him. Continue Reading

10-year-old in Chennai is a well-loved violinist

Jerry began learning the instrument just one-and-a-half years ago, but has become a genius with it. He has already received his first grade from Trinity College with distinction, and in July, he would be appearing for the third grade. Continue Reading

Subhadra home takes care of aged and orphans

Visiting a home for the elderly can be deeply moving. Each inmate has a story to tell, of how they became an ‘added expense’ to their children and of subsequent family discord. Subhadra Home in Uthandi, however, is a life saver for such people. Continue Reading

Lottery king Santiago’s story is filled with suspense and surprises

It is claimed that as much as Rs 595 crore was seized by taxmen in the recent searches, but the target of the I-T sleuths, who began the raids on 30 April, was to find even more, sources say. Continue Reading

Tansi Nagar residents set up thanneer pandal

Enter the 16th Street at Tansi Nagar, a well-laid table with two earthen pots of water welcomes you. Construction workers, domestic helpers going from house to house and elderly persons walking on the streets get to quench their thirst here. Continue Reading