Dangerous culture of playing Rummy online exposed

Forty five-year-old Surya (name changed), takes offence if someone calls him ‘addicted’ to Rummy. For him, it is a passion. But for those who are in the know, it appears otherwise. It is learnt that he had got involved in gambling at a young age, with the game eventually becoming an indispensable part of his life. So much so, that the day his wedding was to be fixed, he refused to leave the gambling den. It was a few years ago, that he found that he could play online and life changed. Or did it? Continue Reading

90 ML filmmaker Anita talks about what she tried to tell through her movie

While facing a number of reviews that trashed the movie 90 ML, protests and complaints against it, the director Anita Udeep, in an interview to News Today, spoke about why this movie is a must-watch for women. Continue Reading

Most crimes against women are committed by men they know

Most crimes against women committed by men they know. Women in the city still struggle to find their feet even as they battle many gender-based issues and rising crimes against them. Year after year, women get no respite from brutal cases of stalking and murder. Continue Reading

Here’s how women run the crime world

Women in real life are far from what movies and TV serials show them to be. They are not kind mothers, weeping wives and naive daughters. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, News Today gives a peek into how women in the city dabble in the world of crime. In reality, the city has a number of women who are as ruthless as men and often make shocking headlines. Continue Reading