In safe hands

If there was one virtue of the Narasimha Rao government that won universal acclaim, it was its relentless pursuit of economic reforms. Even the worst critics of Mr. Narasimha Rao would not deny his government the credit for pulling India out of virtual disaster and putting it on the road to economic prosperity. Continue Reading

GKM, PC prove their point

For Tamil Maanila Congress leaders Mr G.K.Moopanar and Mr P. Chidambaram the victory for their front must taste doubly sweet. The over whelming mandate comes as a vindication or their stand vis-a-vis alliance with AIADMK which was the only bone of contention… Continue Reading

Recognising reality

The clout of wisdom consists in the inevitability of the course suggested by it. Any reluctance to accept such a course is proof of impotent obduracy alone. But on the other hand, if one were to follow the dictates of wisdom, several decisions which were declared untenable by hindsight would have been obvious in the beginning itself. Continue Reading

Mr Seshan crosses limit

The Chief Election Commissioner is appointed by the President on the advice of the Union Cabinet. lt is not an appointment under the warrant and seal of the President. His salary is paid out of the consolidated fund of the Union which is voted by Parliament which can also fix his tenure of office by legislation. Continue Reading

A revolution, indeed

Not a drop of blood shed; no human sacrifices in the form of self-immolation; nor a bus was burnt or public property damaged! Yet a revolution has taken place; a social revolution which has been made possible because of one person’s perseverance and conviction for a just cause and above all, unswerving faith in the democratic process. Continue Reading

Mr Ramamurthy’s sadism

The TNCC president, Mr K. Ramamurthy is back at his old game of Jaya baiting. He had ridiculed the Chief Minister’s request to the Centre to include the Bill on reservations in the 9th Schedule of the Constitution forgetting that only a week back both the Prime Minister and Home Minister had given clear indications of the amendment being introduced in the current Parliament session itself Continue Reading