NCRB data reveals shocking info on TN prisons

A latest report by National Crime Records Bureau says Tamilnadu has lodged the highest number of detainees (1,240) accounting to 39 per cent of the total 3,183 in the country. Continue Reading

Rape conviction rate low at 32%, says NCRB data

Seven years after the brutal Nirbhaya gang rape that shook the entire nation, the conviction rate in rape cases in the country is as low as 32.2 per cent despite laws dealing with sexual assault being made stringent in the aftermath of the incident. Continue Reading

TN mechanic invents automated 2-wheeler kickstand release

Alarmed by the fatal road accidents caused by two-wheelers, Zakir Aleemullah pondered for ways to see if he can do something to bring down the numbers. Being a bike mechanic, it did not deter him; rather it was a boon for him. He feels greasing his hands has paid off. Born of his innovation is the automatic release of kickstand, which he claims to reduce road traffic accidents. Continue Reading

AI-powered surveillance cameras installed at Central Station

Pixxon AI Solutions, a city-based startup, has developed an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered Facial Recognition System (FRS) cameras which can detect criminals passing in and out of Puratchi Thalaivar Dr MGR Central Railway Station. Continue Reading