Sharad Pawar asks Maharastra to refuse CAA

NCP chief Sharad Pawar said that like eight other states, Maharashtra should also refuse implementation of the new citizenship law, which he feared would hurt the religious and social harmony of India. Continue Reading

Captain’s Knock

Henceforth let’s also address him as Captain in sync with this sinking State’s fetish for titles.

Ignoring such ‘hard-earned’ prefixes and suffixes is akin to political blasphemy here. The leaders love them, coteries spread them, the cadres get inspired by them and the media, as ‘true’ mirrors of society, reflect them. That’s how legends are made in this part of the country. Continue Reading

Happy changes; horrible status quos

The odd feeling of change and status quo co-existing is not wholly misplaced. The more things appear to have altered the more they seem to remain the same after some period or even in instant incisive scrutiny. But, deja vu, the ‘been there, seen it’ syndrome, is not always a construct of the mind but often also a physical reality. Similarly, flux and flow are not necessarily optical deceptions, but facts frequently. Continue Reading

Migration season

Political bird-watching as a pastime is always such fun. Typically, poll times always trigger the migratory instincts of politicos and the current season is no exception. This week particularly displayed a marked escalation of activity across many party aviaries. The political air is suddenly thick with heavy, haywire traffic. Continue Reading