‘25% people show abnormal values in lipid profile tests’

‘In the last one year we have done more than 27,000 lipid profile tests. Around 25 per cent of people have shown abnormal values that spread across age ranges from the late 20s to the middle 60s. This is quite worrying as this is a major risk factor for ischeamic heart disease,’ said Dr Saranya Narayan, Technical Director, Neuberg Diagnostics. Continue Reading

Covid: Neuberg becomes first private lab to administer vaccine

Neuberg Diagnostics has received government approval for administering Covid-19 vaccine to its staff. It claimed that it became the first private lab to administer vaccine. Continue Reading

Neuberg gets nod for Covid tests in four more cities

Neuberg Diagnostics has received approval from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) for conducting Covid-19 tests in Noida , UP (Delhi NCR), Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh; Salem, Tamilnadu and Kozhikode, Kerala. Continue Reading

Best way to find breast cancer

A breast cancer awareness survey pertaining to self-breast examination, its importance and awareness on hereditary aspects of breast cancer was carried out recently. Continue Reading