Kolkata’s air quality severe on New Year’s Day

The city’s air quality index became ‘severe’ on the New Year’s Day morning, 10 hours after the state pollution control board’s computerised monitors showed it to be ‘very poor’ at midnight. A West Bengal Pollution Control Board (WBPCB) official Tuesday said one of the key factors for the change in pollution level within 10 hours is bursting of firecrackers to celebrate the new year. Continue Reading

7 killed and 105 injured in New Year mishaps in Chennai

The people of this teeming megapolis ushered in the New year with spiritual fervour, traditional gaiety and trendy parties.
As the clock struck 12, shouts of ‘Happy New Year’ rent the air, as thousands of people, who had congregated at the Marina beach and other places ushered in the 2019 in high ‘spirits’. Continue Reading