IIT-M suicide: Experts call for independent bodies in higher educational institutions

Days after Fathima Latheef, a 19-year-old post graduate student of IIT-Madras, allegedly committed suicide, experts call for a safe and democratic space to discuss issues in premier institutions. Continue Reading

CM inaugurates pedestrian plaza at T Nagar

Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami said 11 Smart City projects across Tamilnadu under the joint auspices of Centre and State governments would be completed as scheduled. Continue Reading

Invoke Gandhi in you: Smriti Irani at VIT convocation

“AI and deep learning sector are growing exponentially. By 2021, the AI sector will be 40 per cent larger and so will the integrated sectors. AI in health is expected to be worth 6 billion by 2021. AI in agriculture is also expected to grow to $2.6 billion worth market in two years. But the education technology sector is in for a much larger market of 252 billion in India,” said Smriti Irani. Continue Reading

TN mechanic invents automated 2-wheeler kickstand release

Alarmed by the fatal road accidents caused by two-wheelers, Zakir Aleemullah pondered for ways to see if he can do something to bring down the numbers. Being a bike mechanic, it did not deter him; rather it was a boon for him. He feels greasing his hands has paid off. Born of his innovation is the automatic release of kickstand, which he claims to reduce road traffic accidents. Continue Reading

TN literature enthusiast translates Sangam Tamil poems

Chennai:¬†Tamil texts are aplenty; so are the English translations. Despite abundant resources available online, exposure to Tamil literature is not a routine. But here is P Chenthil Nathan, who gives his followers daily dose of Tamil literature through his Twitter… Continue Reading