Editorial: Good sign

In a welcome announcement, US President Donald Trump has said that he wants to bring back American forces engaged in the endless wars, emphasising that it was one of the promises he made during his 2016 Presidential campaign. “We want to bring our troops back home. It’s been many many years. It’s been decades, in many cases. We want to bring our troops back home. I got elected on that. If you go back and look at our speeches, I would say we want to bring our troops back home from these endless wars, Continue Reading

Democratic impeachment inquiry is a joke: Trump

A downbeat Donald Trump on Wednesday dismissed as a “joke” the grounds laid out for the impeachment inquiry into him, as Democrats stood firm in accusing the US president of a “mafia-style shakedown” of his Ukrainian counterpart. Continue Reading

HASHTAG ’19 showcases latest development in field of architecture

Chennai: Architects should understand and value the indigenous building construction with locally available materials, said Habitat Technology Group founder-chairman G Shankar. He said this while delivering a lecture on “What do disasters teach us?” during two-day national architecture conference organised… Continue Reading