Game on: Love all!

St Valentine’s much caricatured bearded face can’t be even remotely related to romance. The legend, fact or fiction, however, has stuck. He has inspired alike vigilantes, voyeurs and the virtuous. Continue Reading

Me 2.0: A 2019 sequel

I have set my goal for 2019: freedom, liberation. I have used these terms interchangeably though they are not the same. Liberation represents a loftier ideal but compressing it to my convenience comes under, well, press freedom. Yes, I just want to be free. Continue Reading

A race against bombs

It is now just a matter of time and luck Either the police reach there first or the hidden bombs go off. Chennai has been lucky last three times around, in just two weeks, when the police ‘discovered’ huge caches of explosives running into several kilograms, just in time. Continue Reading

The perpetual whipping boy

The year was 1989.It was just another routine night shift for a sub-editor in a news agency in Chennai, then Madras. But when the phone rang past midnight it was’nt just another call, for the caller was none other than the then Chief Minister of the State… Continue Reading

Caution is not weakness

Conflicts between the legislature and judiciary are not uncommon in a democracy. History is replete with instances of confrontation between the two institutions and one can easily spell out any number of issues in which the decision of one has been negated by the other. Continue Reading