Random Reflections

Without prejudice to friends of other faiths, I can say with pride (I concede it may not be fashionable or even prudent, though) that Hinduism, with its myriad godheads, festivals, rituals, traditions, sects and systems is the greatest celebration of God’s diverse creation. Continue Reading

Advantage Stalin

Post J & K, Tamilnadu is now a fertile ground and the person capable of and in a position to reap the highest harvest is Stalin who formally took over as DMK chief a couple of days back. Continue Reading

Secular zealots!

Strange are the ways of rationalists. And stranger still are the ways of the secular rationalists. Selectivity is the hallmark of their approach while hypocrisy is always built into whatever they say and do, though these two too rarely tally. Continue Reading

Fear not, my countrymen

When equity demands that one must grant even the D its due, it would be grossly unfair to deny the exorcists their share. In any case, they would seek to themselves apportion their share of credit, which is truly a lion’s shares if detractors and cynics, Continue Reading

Back to brasstacks

Now that the commotion over the formation of Government at the Centre is over, it is back to the business of governance as usual. It is as if a whole nation has come back from a long vacation and it may take quite some time before the people and politicians Continue Reading

All is well that ends well

At last it appears to be curtains down for the great Indian circus. It is of course, our fond wish that nothing of distress would happen between now and 19th of March. Atal Behan Vajpayee’s tryst with Race Course Road is now a certainty with the Rashtrapathi, Continue Reading