Governor, CM and other leaders greet as ‘Maalai Sudar’ turns 25

Having published its first copy from Chennai in 1994, ‘Maalai Sudar’, which has stepped into its silver jubilee year, has received wishes from leaders and well-wishers the world over. Continue Reading

Achievements Indeed!

Few governments can achieve so much in just two years. Arid it is also equally rare to see a ruling party that has kept most of its pre-power promises. Indeed it is a measure of the diligence and commitment of the DMK mandarins hailing from the barracks of the Arivalayam… Continue Reading

India arrives with a ban

As India gate crashes to take its rightful place in the comity of nuclear powers, every Indian who values his self-respect and understands his self-interest has reason to be proud and elated. After decades of hypocritical dithering and painful procrastination Continue Reading

The perpetual whipping boy

The year was 1989.It was just another routine night shift for a sub-editor in a news agency in Chennai, then Madras. But when the phone rang past midnight it was’nt just another call, for the caller was none other than the then Chief Minister of the State… Continue Reading