There is always time for this one

I was born in 1964 and so were many of my childhood mates. How do friends and our families, near and dear of all ages and sizes, celebrate the golden jubilee, which of course is a gift of God and by no means ‘our’ achievement? There has to be fun and fellowship; ‘kick’ and kummalam; heady stuff and heartfelt solace; tears from nostalgia and naughty jokes alike; leg-pulling and back-slapping. Continue Reading

My Budget Biography

Me? A fan of Manmohan Singh? How dare I? I must confess that such a skeleton did exist in my past though it’s long since I have exorcised the ghost. Let me explain! I can already feel those familiar filmy flashback circles going around my head, of course with the appropriate BGMS invoking nostalgia, and lo, we just went back 22 years in a jiffy to 1991 June/July. To the Budget, to be precise. Continue Reading

Rationing rationalism

Apparently, power shortages are not for the powerful. A drive on Mount Road, Teynampet, past the DMK HQ Anna Arivalayam, on Tuesday night, a full 24 hours after the late leader’s 100th B-anniversary, was very illuminating … quite literally. The Sun never seems to set on K’s Dravidian empire too what with the Rising Sun shining forth in splendour well past twilight Continue Reading