Tamil fiction, serials for smartphone-savvy readers

Notion Press has announced the launch of ‘Bynge’ – an app for serialised content where one can read bite-sized episodes of fiction serials from top writers in Indian languages. The app is available for download in Tamil on both Android and iOS devices. Continue Reading

Notion Press Publishing expands into 8 Indian languages

One of India’s largest book publishing platform, Notion Press announced its entry into Indian Language publishing by building support for eight major regional languages. Continue Reading

Book Review: Adventures of an Indian Techie by Nipun Varma

Ever wondered what it feels like to be an Indian techie? Curious to know about the obstacles they face? Then, Nipun Varma’s, ‘Adventures of an Indian Techie’ – published by NotionPress is perhaps the go to book to know how it feels to live a life as a techie working for an ‘IT firm’. Continue Reading

City-based financial expert pens book about misuse of govt funds world-wide

Subra Ramamurthy brings out latest his book, ‘Pursuing Reforms across Countries: Perils, Stresses and Rewards’ published by The Notion Press. The economist, who has worked in over 25 countries with top financial giants such as Commonwealth Fund for Technical Cooperation, United Nations, World Bank, Arab Monetary Fund and Asian Development Bank, has faced some thrilling, scary experiences in his career. Continue Reading

Finance professional and life coach, pens book in a month

Vivek Ishwar’s book is a guide for ‘millennials to find balance and accomplish all their goals’. He is also a certified life coach and currently trains over 20 people from six different countries. Continue Reading