Parthiepan talks about his novel attempt & his hunger for experiments

Speaking to ‘News Today,’ Parthiepan says, “Cinema is a treasure to me. It is like an ‘Aladdin Lamp’ in my hands. The more I rub, I come out with engaging and entertaining films.” Continue Reading

Indian stars all praise for Parthiban’s ‘Oththa Seruppu Size 7’

Superstar Rajinikanth sent out his praises saying that this is something amazing and such efforts should be recognized on International platforms and the film should be submitted even to Oscars. Kamal Hassan says, “Obviously, Parthiban has now joined the league of Hollywood actors Robert Redford and Tom Hardy for playing solo lead role” Continue Reading

‘Oththa Seruppu’ gets ‘U’

“When I usually write a script and develop it, I don’t keep the certification process in mind. I believe that by compromising, the script would lose its impact. Oththa Seruppu Size 7 was written in the same manner and I am happy that it has got ‘U’ from CBFC”. Continue Reading