Kamala Harris endorses Biden for US President

In less than a week, Harris became the fourth Democratic presidential aspirant to support 77-year-old Biden in his third bid at the White House. Continue Reading

Donald Trump becomes 3rd Prez in US history to be impeached

Donald Trump has become the third President in US history to be impeached as the House of Representatives formally charged him with abuse of power and obstructing the Congress, setting up a Senate trial next year that will decide whether he remains in office after three tumultuous years.
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Donald Trump to celebrate Deepavali at White House

US President Donald Trump will celebrate Deepavali at the White House on Thursday, three days ahead of the formal celebrations of the festival of lights in India. Continue Reading

Trump says Secy dismissed after talking about his children

President Donald Trump says his Secretary was dismissed after making indiscreet remarks about his children and saying things that ‘were just a little bit hurtful.’ Madeleine Westerhout lost her job as director of Oval Office operations this week. Continue Reading