Web series ‘What’s Your Status’ nominated for Indie Series Awards 2019

It is also claimed that this is the only Indian web series that has made it to the elite shortlist for this award ceremony. The web series has been shortlisted amongst popular series such as Giants, After Forever and nominations from across multiple countries like USA, the UK, Canada, Australia and others. Continue Reading

Chennai’s author explores cerebral palsy in her first book

Sundari Sivasubbu, who lives on the eighth floor of an apartment in Tiruvanmiyur, sees life and experiences positivity sitting on her wheelchair. This drove the cerebral-palsy author to write a book, A Bumblebee’s Balcony. Continue Reading

Review: Peranbu – Father, daughter relationship reaches new heights

A movie that talks about father-daughter relationship is not new to Tamil cinema. But what makes Peranbu special is that ‘extra love’ (as the title suggests) and the intense relationship parameters explained by the film’s director Ram in his very own style. Continue Reading

Chennai resident Nammalwar spreads awareness about ancient idols

“While the whole world is running forward, I run backwards towards our history. This is not just my work but my passion,” says Nammalwar, a retired Tamil professor from Annamalai University. Continue Reading

Strangers exchanged greetings at Elliots as New Year dawned in Chennai

We went to Elliots beach by 11.30 pm. There was a large number of bike stunts near the beach road. The roar of motorbikes alerted us that New Year was nearing. The eat-outs were filled with people and it was good business for the beach vendors. Continue Reading

Chef Neelima says fight lifestyle diseases with right kind of food

I started experimenting and researching about food items that can satisfy all age groups. I started implementing innovative and healthy dishes and particularly, in all my dishes, I eliminated oil and sugar, says Chef Neelima. Continue Reading

‘Paadhi Anna’ Avvai Natarajan is a huge fan of Karunanidhi

Mention the name of Avvai Natarajan to any lover of Tamil, they will immediately recollect his booming voice and brisk speeches. The author, orator and former vice-chancellor of Tamil University, a long-time resident of Anna Nagar, has worked with leaders like Annadurai, M Karunanidhi and J Jayalalithaa. Continue Reading