China and Pakistan to jointly colonise Gilgit-Baltistan

There is a burning smell in the air as the Imran Khan government backed by the Pakistani Army is holding elections to annex Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) region located in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK), as a fifth province of Pakistan. Continue Reading

Editorial: Problematic Pakistan

India has described Pakistan as an epicenter of terrorism, and said that no one deserves an unsolicited lecture on human rights from Islamabad that has consistently persecuted its ethnic and religious minorities including Hindus, Sikhs and Christians. Continue Reading

”Pakistan spreading coronavirus to get global aid”

Kashmiri political activists have slammed Pakistan for shifting coronavirus affected people from the eastern province of Punjab and the rest of the country to Mirpur city in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK). Continue Reading

Pakistan earthquake toll touches 30, 452 injured

The death toll in the devastating earthquake that rattled Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and several cities in the country rose to 30 today as authorities stepped up relief efforts. Continue Reading

ISI planning big attacks in India, IB alerts police

The Intelligence Bureau (IB) has reportedly alerted Delhi Police against potential terror attacks in the National Capital Region (NCR). Continue Reading

Three Pakistani aircraft violate Indian airspace, one F-16 jet shot down

This morning, three Pakistani F-16 jets entered Indian airspace and were shot at by Mirages. While they turned tail, one jet was shot down. The pilot was also seen ejecting from the aircraft about 3 km inside Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.  Continue Reading

To jawans, with love

The white snowy landscape of Kashmir has once again become drenched in red as yet another medieval maniac in modern disguise has killed and spilled two score sons of our soil and their blood. That just one motivated madcap can pull off such a planned and precise attack of immense damage proves not just the hostility that India faces but also its poor preparedness. Continue Reading