Train of thoughts

Metro Rail is certainly a matter for great celebration for Chennaiites. But Metro Rail is also a miserable metaphor for the laggard, leisurely, laboured pace at which our cherished city is struggling to become a real, well, metro. As we rejoice at the latest locomotive landmark, we can’t also avoid rueing the missed and messed opportunities. The hoot that heralded the first Metro Rail was also a wake-up call. Continue Reading

As ‘steal’ turns stainless

The spate of daylight and midnight heists, of banks, jewellery shops etc, not to speak of routine robberies, within the space of a month in TN opens up interesting avenues for grinding the mental grist. So while the cops chase and hunt down the thieves let us spread our dragnet deeper and wider over self and society. Continue Reading

Future imperfect!

‘The study of the assumed influence of stars on human affairs’: This tame, tentative and rather toned down definition of ‘Astrology’ in English disctionaries belies reality. Now, whether the stars guide human affairs or not, astrology does, in Bharath and globally too, notwithstanding rational skeptics. Indeed, a matter as profoundly influential as astrology deserves to be treated with more credence. Continue Reading