Pause; ponder; proceed!

All Hindu festivals are multi-layered. The most popular Deepavali at a superficial level, comes at the start of a season when there is extended darkness in the mornings and early ones in the evening. The array of lights and burst of crackers are meant to usher in an early dawn and spread brightness and bonhomie during those dim climes. Suffice to say that solar and lunar influences have been adequately factored in, lending the symbolisms scientific and astronomic credence too. Continue Reading

Fundamental Rites

A typical dictionary definition of ritual runs thus: ‘…a series of actions that are always performed in the same way, especially as part of a religious ceremony’. or ‘… something that is done regularly and always in the same way’. In the context of sociology, ritual gains a bigger ambit as ‘…an often-repeated pattern of behaviour which is performed at appropriate times, and which may involve the use of symbols Continue Reading

The age-old dilemma

At 80, L.K.Advani, with more decades behind him, has become a prospective PM. And, people and paramatma willing, if LKA does make it to PMO (by which time he may be 82), what would it augur for a nation looking to leap into the future? Really, what kind of a leader should the country, be pitching for? Continue Reading