A twisted terror tale

The support and effort to get Rajiv killers out of jail, though outrageous to many, fits perfectly into TN’s political scheme. Here tiger-riding is a populist past-time, particularly during poll-time and no politico would miss an opportunity to score a goal or two. But the striking unanimity amidst all political players here, a unanimity that has evolved most in the post-Prabhakaran era, also goes beyond possible poll gains and straddles the realms of sentiment. Continue Reading

The ‘King’s’ speech!

Dear delegates and all dumb masses outside those gates, I am honoured at being made Vice-President of the Italian Nationals’ Congress and I know you will believe me (I myself don’t) when I say it came as a surprise. And since no charge of ‘vice’ has stuck on me so far I am de facto President. Still, I thank INC President Signoraji for fulfilling the family formalities. Continue Reading

Current affairs

I am rather love-struck this week. I ought to be because the season is such and I will likely lose the license to live on this lovely planet if I am not in the love-loop. At least, that’s what the cupid-hit media and its equally smitten consumers have led me to believe. So if the words that follow fail to make sense, blame it on that omni‘potent’ aphrodisiac that has gobbled the globe this weekend, namely, Valentine. Continue Reading

A ‘water’shed year, indeed!

2005 began with the receding waters of the tsunami and is set to end to the accompaniment of flood waters left behind by copious rainfall. To be sure, the lingering memories and images of 2005 shall be that of water everywhere, all around and from up and below. Continue Reading

The unsavoury aftermath

…and Laloo, Rabri and all their cattle lived happily ever after. Of course, inside their official residence which housed them in whatever space was left after stocking all the haystack, cottonseed, oil cakes and Continue Reading