Holy place, unholy polls

The irony is striking and sickening. Srirangam, for the devout, is Buloga Vaikundam, the Lord’s abode on earth. Periyar’s parivar in their prime, for their part, wanted to blast it with a cannon, making Srirangam the key target of their ideological, iconoclastic ire. But here’s also where believers and atheists alike now stand united on one ‘count’. Continue Reading

Thrift after theft?

Just as a bad advocate can spoil a good case, a sound cause gets silenced simply because it is taken up by hypocritical politicos. Indeed, the on-going economy drive runs the risk of fizzling out on that count soon enough. But the sudden surge of austerity sentiments amidst the ruling ‘elite’ actually exposes the real-time splurge till date. Continue Reading