In their own cosy house

Only in March this year, and not earlier, mind you, the plight of SL Tamils touched a pathetic low; parallelly, only then the Sinhala ‘chauvinist’ regime’s atrocities too peaked. World Tamil champion K ‘quickly’ woke up to these wholly sudden and momentous developments and withdrew from the profitable UPA of which he was a prospering partner. Continue Reading

Unfair affairs

This was a scandal waiting to be unwrapped. That in IPL more sensational games were played off the field was obvious from the start. Transparency in deals, running to billions that were ultimately picked from the public’s pocket by exploiting a public fad, has always been elusive. It’s now official that BCCI insiders privy to critical info as well as rank outsiders who can’t tell a team captain from a cheer leader, all have their hands deep in the honey pot and little wonder media bees too are attracted no end. Continue Reading