Indian startups look to challenge Google

Close on the heels of Paytm episode and Epic Games, makers of the popular videogame Fortnite, sueing Google along with Apple over the tax they charge on app revenues, Indian startups are planning their own alliance in hopes of mounting a legal challenge against what they feel are unfair practices by the internet giant. Continue Reading

Will WhatsApp’s digital payment service be safe?

The latest security incident around WhatsApp could have a bearing on the launch of its digital payment services in India as these systems need to be “fool-proof”, a senior government official said. Continue Reading

Where losers are winners

I was at once amused, astonished and aghast at a couple of news items that appeared one below the other in a national daily. PayTM, a much touted desi payment app, hogged the headlines for two diametrically opposite reasons. One proudly proclaimed that PayTM’s parent company would be bidding for a sizeable stake in the private sector Yes Bank. And another announced that the same parent has tripled its losses in three years between FY2016-19, from Rs 1,500 crore to Rs 4,217 crore. Continue Reading