Thrift after theft?

Just as a bad advocate can spoil a good case, a sound cause gets silenced simply because it is taken up by hypocritical politicos. Indeed, the on-going economy drive runs the risk of fizzling out on that count soon enough. But the sudden surge of austerity sentiments amidst the ruling ‘elite’ actually exposes the real-time splurge till date. Continue Reading

Looming heirlooms

Political Leaders leave many kinds of legacies ranging from properties to parties to pet theories and pronouncements. Unlike a nondescript individual, the legacy of a public person raises more complications on the latter’s death: The claimants are not just blood relatives but include, to put it in TN’s political lingo, Blood’s Blood and Co-borns too (Raththaththin raththam & Udanpirappugal). Continue Reading