Lockdown till May 3, Modi seeks people’s cooperation

Announcing the extension of nationwide lockdown till May 3, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today sought the cooperation of people in the nation’s fight against coronavirus.

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Flood of thoughts

In a full year of events just December dominates, with the rest eleven evaporating into oblivion. The lasting, lingering memory of 2015 would be the devastating deluge. Now, how can a committed column not take the easy way out by resorting to some wet cliches and rhetoric to highlight all happenings too? Here we go with the favoured flavour of the season: Flood. Continue Reading

The Mystery Beyond Missing Files

That files relating to a serious multi-crores scam can go missing from that ministry’s archives is itself sinister. But the lost files point to a larger loss: Missing character of the rulers, as a consequence of which people’s trust in public individuals and institutions have also gone missing. The nation indeed has lost something more valuable than money. The depletion in values and confidence levels beats the depreciating rupee hands down! Continue Reading

The hidden ‘Hand’-book

‘Is it in the CBI manual?’ queried the SC when told that it was perfectly normal for the investigative agency’s head to consult his political bosses. With due respect to the honourable court, we wish to place on record here that, notwithstanding whatever is in the CBI manual, which incidentally can be known only after a CBI enquiry and which report has to be vetted by the law minister, the SC must have actually called for the UPA manual. Continue Reading

The 2G rainbow colony

The king, rather raja, of all scams reigns unsurpassed. 3G and even 4G may be the in-thing now in tele technology but 2G would never become obsolete as far as scandals go. And the connections have always been quite clear despite an orchestrated maze of missed calls, crosstalk, wrong numbers and line disturbances. Continue Reading

Anonymous: Porns and cons

The 2G affair is getting curioser. Just when the nation was wondering if Sibal’s zero loss theory was right after all and the scam was only an illusion, came the SC’s cancellation of all licences. So let’s pinch ourselves and confirm that there was indeed a scam. Now, who perpetrated it and who were party to it? Continue Reading

Demo‘crazy’ it is

The Shibu Sorens of the country serve a few useful purposes too. Besides contributing profusely through case laws to the cause of criminal jurisprudence, such characters make you alive to the dark and disturbing possibilities and prospects that a democracy could throw up, making it seem like some kind of a ‘demon’ocracy. Continue Reading

Shall we tell the Prime Minister?

Undermined and overruled! The real executive head of India, the Prime Minister, has no clue what is happening in the country that he rules and the government that he runs. Rather, this ruler is ruled by many and run down by all and sundry! Continue Reading