Where losers are winners

I was at once amused, astonished and aghast at a couple of news items that appeared one below the other in a national daily. PayTM, a much touted desi payment app, hogged the headlines for two diametrically opposite reasons. One proudly proclaimed that PayTM’s parent company would be bidding for a sizeable stake in the private sector Yes Bank. And another announced that the same parent has tripled its losses in three years between FY2016-19, from Rs 1,500 crore to Rs 4,217 crore. Continue Reading

Super Star’s Side Show

The first take was a disaster, having failed to evoke the fans’ hysteria as used to happen. The second take, yesterday, is an apology. The Actor known for his speed on screen appears to have lost his silken touch off it. The blasts that ravaged Kovai last Saturday continue Continue Reading

Stewing in their own juice

For those who did not doubt the veracity of the leaked version of the Jain report, its tabling in Parliament brings no surprises. This political bombshell of a report, which was ignited prematurely much to the chagrin of the UF government, had burnt itself out by the time it reached Parliament, Continue Reading

Sun shines on lotus?

It is not known If the BJP atheist, But is quite possible considering that the party is now on a moral shedding spree. After UP anything is and the saffron brigade does not mince words when it keeps reminding the people of the nation the necessity to mix to Principles and real poltik. Continue Reading

This pumpkin is too big to hide

Self-respect and rationalism are expendable ideologies. If found inconvenient they can always be sacrificed at the altar of political expediency. The DMK and its leader are now in the grip of one such predicament and have typically sought to give their cherished ideals a silent burial. Continue Reading

Unjustified indignation

The 19th of November happers to be former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s birthday. The Congressmen of the country will no doubt go through the motions of hornage to the stain leader but there is little hope that there would be any introspection within the party on this occasion, Continue Reading

Perils of tiger riding

It is foolish to throw stones from inside a glass house. But the DMK had been doing just that ever since it ascended to power, unmindful of the timebomb which has been ticking under its edifice for the last several years. The LTTE ghost simply refuses to be exorcised and keeps coming back to haunt the party and its leaders. Continue Reading

Simply Irresistible!

The name of the game in Delhi is now horse-trading. With the BJP issuing a virtual tender for willing Members of Parliament to join its fold to enable it to repeat UP at the Centre, almost all political par-ties have now gone into a huddle on how to resist the BJP onslaught. Continue Reading