House of Lords, truly!

It no longer surprises or shocks us when politicos help themselves to public money. The only highlight perhaps in lawmakers voting a higher salary for Self & Co is that the ugly heist has been staged in full public view instead of on the sly, and quite lawfully too. So, sans the shady secrecy, it therefore loses the spectacular status of a scam or scandal, despite qualifying in every other way. Continue Reading

Journos of the world unite!

I swear I am not going to write about Veerappan today. If the brigand thinks that by kidnapping a few from my fraternity, he can just walk into these columns, he is sadly mistaken. Does he believe that I do not have even the minimum gumption to refrain from writing about him Continue Reading

Work more, talk less

Most respected Shri. AtaIji behariji vaipayeeji,

Congratulations. If my memory is right your government has just crossed fifty days in office which is almost four times thirteen and so an admirable record for any BJP government. Of course we do realise that these fifty days itself had been like a yugh what with one controversy Continue Reading

Super Star’s Side Show

The first take was a disaster, having failed to evoke the fans’ hysteria as used to happen. The second take, yesterday, is an apology. The Actor known for his speed on screen appears to have lost his silken touch off it. The blasts that ravaged Kovai last Saturday continue Continue Reading

Kumaramangalam’s coup

That Congress is a sinking ship and is a fit case for desertion would be stating the obvious. Though, the exodus from this party of yore on a daily basis is a recent phenomenon, the erosion in its popular appeal had started long back. Having lost its stability slogan to the BJP and with too many claimants for the secular card biting away at its very roots, the party appears bankrupt in every way. Continue Reading