J&K: Modi govt scraps Art 370, bifurcates State into 2 Union territories

Sending a strong signal to separatists, unfriendly neighbours and so-called super powers, the BJP-led Central government today moved a resolution to scrap Article 370 on Jammu and Kashmir, which gives special status to the restive State. Continue Reading

To jawans, with love

The white snowy landscape of Kashmir has once again become drenched in red as yet another medieval maniac in modern disguise has killed and spilled two score sons of our soil and their blood. That just one motivated madcap can pull off such a planned and precise attack of immense damage proves not just the hostility that India faces but also its poor preparedness. Continue Reading

The same, stale peace-masala!

All’s well that ends well. So what if five more dead jawans have been added to the long list of martyrs being sacrificed to Pakis in uniform or mufti or in whatever attire? Now that Defence Minister Antony has arrived at the correct statement, after a few typo trials and errors, is it not wise on the part of political ‘stall’-’warts’ cutting across parties to call a ceasefire and get back to disrupting Parli and governance on some other pretext? Continue Reading

Suicidal silence of the lambs

As I write this, the Israeli military is relentlessly bombarding the airport of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. The reason for the rain of hell fire is the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers by the Lebanese terror outfit, Hezbollah. So, is Israel overreacting? Continue Reading