Will TN people accept Rajini as ‘conductor’?

Rajinikanth, who started his career as a conductor, prefers to end it the same way, but in political bus. Last week, at a crowded press meet which attracted journalists from all over the country, the superstar said he never aspired to become the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu and said that he only wants a change in political system. Continue Reading

Nationhood via neighbourhood

A common query I face from readers is whether a neighbourhood newsmedia needs a column on national, political and sundry other macro issues. Of course, the obvious reason is my own personal itch aggravated by a sense of self-importance and assumed authority on all matters, all of which are symptomatic of a disease called ‘Writers’ Syndrome’. Continue Reading

Tale of two Rajas

When Raja Marthanda Varma, ruler of Travancore state in 1750, donated his entire wealth to the Lord Pamanabha temple, he did not bother to calculate the monetary value of his priceless grant. The king’s logic was straight and simple: All that is supposedly his is actually His! He then ruled as a savant and servant of God and his people, shunning pomp and shorn of royal trappings. Continue Reading

My tryst with destiny

I beseech readers to spare this week’s personal indulgence. Of course, the alibi is that many may feel or reflect this way on their most memorable day and, therefore, I claim to speak for them too: That old, familiar ‘public-interest in self-interest’ gag. So, having thus secured a pre-pardon, let me embark on this ego trip, as it would seem, though I would still call it an Experience trip. And thanks for the B-day greetings. Continue Reading