Ajith’s Drone Taxi a hit at GIM

The hashtag #ThalaAjith is trending since Wednesday and it’s not due to the success of his recent venture Viswasam, but because of the Drone Taxi which was mentored by him and developed by team Dhaksha of MIT Campus, Anna University. Continue Reading

Chennai resident Nammalwar spreads awareness about ancient idols

“While the whole world is running forward, I run backwards towards our history. This is not just my work but my passion,” says Nammalwar, a retired Tamil professor from Annamalai University. Continue Reading

Assn in Chennai comes up with various welfare schemes

Mangavu, secretary of this association, said,”We had asked the corporation to put up speed breakers to avoid accidents in our area for a long time, but our request was not heeded. After that, we took up responsibility for it; we raised money by ourselves and laid the speed breakers last month. With this, there is less risk of accidents taking place.” Continue Reading

Chennai govt school teacher aims to make it on par with pvt schools

“Parents are now driven towards private schools, thinking only education is going to make their children come up in life. Pushing a student too much into academics is not going to help them,” points Pazhaniswamy. Continue Reading