Garbage vehicles hinder traffic flow in city

“Traffic flow at Ramapuram junction, especially, gets chocked up because of this and it affects school- and office-goers largely,” he says. He also goes on to mention that the workers do not bother to clear away waste dumped at inner areas like Moulivakkam, Mugalivakkam and Kundrathur. Continue Reading

Chennai artist’s work gets recognition at International Art Fair

“I was amused to see my art piece exhibited in the main gallery where some of the finest paintings across the world were also kept. I am a spiritual artist and so the painting spoke about spiritual awakening. I portrayed Srivilliputhur Andal’s life history in it. When people approached and asked about it, I proudly explained to them about the history of Andal. My motto is to spread cultural values of our country.” Continue Reading

Chennaiite stresses the importance of rainwater harvesting

“Plastering of pavements may be reduced so that the water will penetrate the soil. All of us must take initiative to introduce RWH system in our buildings and store water when it is available and use the same during summer,” says Rajarethinam, a resident of Porur. Continue Reading