Misses galore!

At the dawn of every January our rulers are invariably confronted with a difficult problem: Spot the Rathna. The R-Day is not just about displaying our military might or showcasing our varied cultural heritage but also about recognising and parading heroes from different walks of life. Continue Reading

When the world is our neighbourhood

Thanks to an eventful world this week, a stroll through the global streets looks quite in order. The latest will be dealt with first though this has got nothing to do with the discrediting of the first-in-first-out norm. I told you I am going global and so none of the local 2G stuff though India and its infirm leadership may well figure. Continue Reading

Divert and Rule

Emperor Nero fiddled while his city burned and thereby entered the eternal portals of history as the epitome of indifference and an everlasting example for dereliction of duty owed to his subjects by a king. If I were Nero’s advocate arguing his case posthumously from this far in time I would surely plead guilty but not before putting up a stout defence. Continue Reading

Lords of our mind

Casual references to Lord Macaulay in the last two articles have invited queries from many readers wanting to know more about this much maligned Britisher who fathered our present education system. Coincidentally, the Indian Penal Code, which is the subject of a raging debate owing to the Delhi HC verdict on Sec 377 dealing with gays, was also the brainchild of the same Lord. Continue Reading

Can’t bank on ’em!

I am pretty firm in my resolve not to ever write about strikes by bank staff. No, there’s no counter-guarantee that there won’t be strikes nor any quid pro quo deal like I being secretly allowed to operate my account on those ‘auspicious’ days; it’s just that the fatigue, frustration and fury over the frequent scoots by bank employees have quietly given way to philosophical acceptance. Continue Reading