Indian scholar wins ”Dan David Prize”

India’s pioneering feminist scholar and activist Gita Sen, has won the prestigious Dan David Prize for her expansive work in the fields of population policies, reproductive and sexual health, women’s rights, poverty, labour markets and global governance. Continue Reading

Modi, Abhijit Banerjee hold extensive discussion on varied issues

Nobel laureate Abhijit Banerjee today called on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and held a “healthy and extensive” interaction on various subjects. Continue Reading

Catching ’ em young

It is perhaps not without reason that India was ‘chosen’ as the venue for the arrival of the 7 billionth baby. We are the undisputed reproduction champs clocking a population growth that makes every fifth homosapiens an Indian. Traditional economic and social wisdom is that such a baby boom spells doom but of late the positive side of this rise has also drawn a lot of attention, even admiration: India is turning out to be the most youthful country in the world with 65% under age 35 and raring to reap a huge demographic dividend in terms of economic prosperity and social change. Continue Reading