Good, bad and ugly

A momentous week indeed, with many moments of truth, or at least versions of it. The tidings were mixed, and also varied with the point of view; what was good for one was not so for another, but that’s always the case. The greater truth is that what is seemingly good has ugly undertones, set to surface in time if not already, while what looks bad at present has the seeds for future good embedded in it. Continue Reading

Allies in Lies

Or comrades in arms. Part-ners in profit? Maybe share holders in spoils. Whatever, but bluff remains the key stock in trade in this heady poll time that is already witness to a series of one night stands between quirky bedfellows making for strange politics. Welcome to the world of alliances wherein you can’t tell a friend from foe from what they say. Continue Reading

Wilting Tigers & tilting Quixotes

Tigers are among the fastest dwindling animal tribe on the globe. They abound in human form too in Sri Lanka, but here again extinction seems imminent, having been cornered and confined to a few hundred square kilometres now, thanks to some relentless hunting by the military. Continue Reading

Tiger tales from TN

In a land ruled successively by actors, actresses, poets, script-writers and the like there would naturally be no shortage of stories. While many tales, from fast-paced thrillers to family tear-jerkers get played out here with official patronage, the Tiger Tales would rank as an evergreen chart buster. One such plot has unfolded again. Continue Reading